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Improve your sales prospecting skills

Commercial prospecting is a difficult and thankless task. Sometimes it can even be demoralizing. Poorly executed, it gives little result when it is the most effective way to increase your turnover.
Techniques can help you and your teams achieve their goal despite an increasingly competitive environment. Success in prospecting requires the use of techniques that allow you to prospect with pleasure.

cover succeed in your TV prospecting


"Successful telephone prospecting"

62 pages of techniques and tips to apply now  :

  • Principle of SLOW telephone prospecting

  • How to last an hour on the phone with a prospect who did not know you 5 minutes before to create a link

  • Why use the technique of artificial creation of freedom

  • How to better pass switchboards and secretaries

  • How to create a link with your prospects from the 1st call

  • Learn to use sales storytelling and affect the buying decision on an emotional level

  • Why and how to use the Foot-in-the-Mouth technique

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