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business development

Create new products and new services without money, without risk, without failure thanks to procedural logic.

business development does not need money!
he needs action!

You have little time and you have plenty of ideas for your business?

Are you frustrated that everything seems to be happening in slow motion?

  • Are your internal projects not progressing as quickly as expected?

  • Do you feel frustrated and helpless because you have a lot of ideas and you don't have time to test and validate them?

  • Do your employees feel under pressure all the time? 


Procedural logic will allow you to develop new products or new services without taking any risks and with very small budgets. Moreover, there is a mode of organization which eliminates resistance to change.


Training program

1  The conditions for creating new products within a company

  • Understand the importance of innovation in the survival and development of your business 

  • The money? A problem when there are too many?

  • Business plans and project budgets cause projects to fail 

  • Choosing between two risks: don't make the wrong choice


2 Find and choose ideas but overcome resistance to change 

  • Start with a problem: notion of DAS and strategic and marketing segmentation

  • Identify ideas with high potential

  • Do not launch projects to solve problems of the future

  • Focus on a niche even if you're aiming for the billion

  • Can we copy the existing one?

  • Don't ignore the financial potential of ergonomics


3 Be at the forefront of innovation

The 5 types of innovation

The blue ocean, a myth?

Frugal innovations, too often ignored

5 Innovate on the business model

  • Structure of the business model

  • The most classic types of business models


6 THE PROCEDURAL LOGIC for new projects without risk et  without failure

  • Genesis of procedural logic and myths

  • Understand procedural logic

  • The development of an idea through procedural logic

  • the 4 basic principles of procedural logic

  • The four approaches to business development

7  Test traction modes or customer acquisition

Do good marketing: the only rule to follow to the letter

Do not believe any market research and do not ask to justify future figures

Find customer traction or acquisition methods project by project 


8  The procedural loop: projects must fail as quickly as possible

  • Do commercial traction before manufacturing without worrying about the image, thanks to the MVP

  • The most common MVPs

  • The procedural logic loop: the key to successful business development

  • Pivot Decisions

  • There is only one good question to know if a project is progressing or stagnating and it is not "what have you done since the last time"

9 Setting up an organizational structure that removes resistance to change in your company

  • Sources of Resistance

  • Virtual Reality Analysis (AViR) workshops

  • The trick to not needing to change the corporate culture

  • The stages of setting up an effective structure for doing business development

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