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10 FUNDAMENTAL Cold Prospecting Techniques



  • Find new customers

  • Increase turnover

  • Increase margins by selling value

  • Understand lead acquisition processes

  • Handle storytelling and foot-in-mouth to create relationships from the first call


  • This course is aimed at all people whose role is to find new customers and primarily sales people.



- commercial hunting and motivation
- Automations
- business development
- segmentation/identification of DAS
-elevator pitch
- sales storytelling
-foot in mouth
- phone prospecting
-automation on LinkedIn
- behavioral manipulation techniques
-SPIG sales method
-artificial creation of freedom

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3 preparatory techniques to understand the real behavior of your customers before selling

  • Rapid strategic segmentation technique (tool)

  • Knowing how to behave with the customer: how the type of competition influences the relationship customer  (Tool : the typology of competitive systems)

  • the simple definition of a good communication / good commercial action

  • the AViR workshop (Virtual Reality Analysis)

  • workshop/discussion

5 types of arguments to convince based on value

  • Knowing how to choose between the 5 major value creation strategies

  • Interesting prospects in less than 15 seconds: the elevator pitch technique

  • The specificity of the sale of services (only if your business sells services)

  • workshop/discussion

2 methods to solve the paradox of choice

  • understand the paradox of choice

  • the negative effects of the paradox of choice

  • solving the paradox of choice

  • workshop/discussion


Call duration: an endurance race

  • short calls no longer sell: impact of long calls

  • insert sales stories

  • combine with the "foot-in-mouth" technique to create a bond

  • Prospect without selling so as not to generate reactance

  • Hold motivation

  • THE "power poses": a criticized technique that can work


The first 5 seconds with a brand new prospect

  • the only technique to take the prospect's time (artificial creation of freedom)

  • workshop/discussion

5 to 15 seconds with a brand new prospect

  • 1 questioning technique "are you concerned by..." and its role as a "Situation" question

  • workshop/discussion


15 to 35 seconds with a prospect

  • Elevator pitch technique

  • 4 steps to follow in the elevator pitch

  • workshop/discussion

After 35 seconds of discussion: 4 ESSENTIAL STEPS TO TELL A STORY THAT SELLS

  • the SPIG structure

  • the implicit need of the prospect

  • the explicit need of the prospect

  • the reptilian brain

  • sales stories

  • sales storytelling construction worksheet (tool)

  • workshop/discussion


After 20 minutes of discussion:  foot-in-mouth technique

  • foot-in-mouth topics allowed

  • taboo foot-in-mouth topics that can ruin a sale

  • workshop/discussion

USE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TECHNIQUES which reduce resistance to purchase.

  • priming techniques

  • the artificial creation of freedom increases the power of conviction

  • labeling technique

  • reciprocity effects

  • sympathy effects

CRM - Manage and track prospecting over time: a multi-step process

  • What information is important to note in a contact form

  • Learn to create and manage a client file even without advanced software

  • specifications for a CRM

  • workshop/discussion


The purpose and limits of automation in B2B

Lead management automations via LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn Automation

  • automation strategies

  • the philosophy of automation scenarios in LinkedIn

  • the scenarios to avoid because they are not very aggressive

  • the use of LinkedIn data when the automation does not yield a result for a given contact

  • workshop/discussion

Lead management automation via commercial mailing

  • the sole purpose of the commercial mailing

  • the philosophy of commercial mailing

  • the format

  • appointment booking automation

  • workshop/discussion

Inbound marketing 

  • inbound: basically a content marketing strategy

  • inbound is a secondary issue for non-otaku products

  • the pitfalls of inbound marketing

  • workshop/discussion

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