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Commercial PROSPECTING techniques
by telephone sales storytelling


Immediate trainingprofitable


  • Find new profitable customers

  • Improve business margins

  • Acquire new business tools to improve performance

  • Win new customers more easily



  • This course is aimed at all people whose role is to find new customers and primarily sales people.


to be defined according to the specific objectives of the company

PROGRAM (indicative, tailor-made adaptation)


the technical bases of reflection on sale 

  • Rapid strategic segmentation tool

  • Cost leadership, upward differentiation, downward differentiation

  • Reflection on the value brought in order to give commercial arguments

  • Understand the articulation between marketing segmentation and strategic segmentation: Rapid strategic segmentation tool. Why technology should be ignored.

  • The typology of competitive systems: an analysis tool to know how to react commercially with customers and how to position oneself in terms of differentiation

What is a good marketing operation or a good commercial operation?

• The simple rule that allows you to know if the commercial approach is good or not.

• focus on the margin


The typology of competitive systems

• The 4 main types of competition

• Solutions


Find the right arguments to convince ​

  • Interesting prospects in less than 30 seconds: the elevator pitch technique

  • Link with the SPIG technique

The face-to-face SPIG sales technique

  • The implicit need of the prospect

  • The explicit need of the prospect

  • Make customers realize they have a problem to solve

  • The 4 steps of the SPIG to formulate questions that work

  • Know how to formulate your offer based on the information collected, while avoiding customer objections

  • How to use the SPIG analysis tool to prepare your sale?

Sales storytelling

  • Principle

  • Link with the SPIG technique

  • The structure of a sales story

The paradox of choice

  • negative consequences

  • Solutions

The telephone: old weapon of war that opens up opportunities

• Why sales people had stopped prospecting on the phone
• Why you have to start prospecting on the phone again and with what objective
• Tips and tricks for effective telephone prospecting
• Prospect in the hard to find new customers
• Prospecting management: a multi-step process
• Monitoring of prospecting

Technique to facilitate prospecting: social psychology techniques

  • Technique of touch for physical appointments

  • Alpha position for physical appointments

  • priming technique and perseverance

  • the artificial creation of freedom increases the power of conviction

  • reciprocity effects

  • sympathy effects


cover commercial prospecting holes
ebook covers HOW TO SELL 8 ETAP

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